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Who We Are

It can be difficult caring for your pet and ensuring they are getting the right nutrients for them, especially if they’re fussy.

Here at The Dog’s Dish, we cater for each and every dog, even taking into account all the picky eaters out there! Whether your dog is a raw food fanatic or they’re a dry food connoisseur, our goal is to ensure your pets are happy and healthy, no matter what their needs.

Why Raw?

We all know that dogs are carnivorous animals, but have you heard of the BARF diet?

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is all about feeding your dog the way nature intended, naturally. In the wild, dogs eat meat, bones, organs, skins and anything else that comes from an animal. Therefore a common BARF diet consists of the same thing.

But what about the benefits?

To name just a few, some of the benefits of a raw food diet includes: better weight control, improved digestions, a healthier and shinier skin and coat and a strengthened immune system.


The key to a happy and healthy dog is regular enrichment. Enrichment enhances and improves your dog’s mental state by allowing them to engage in their normal behaviours such as sniffing, chasing and chewing!

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