Where to Start

The 80:10:10 Ratio

The BARF food diet consists of predominantly feeding your pet raw meat, bones and organs. 80:10:10 is the ratio that these should be present in their food. 80% meat, 10% bones and 10% organs.

This is a great starting point for getting your dog started on raw food. However please note that it is just a starting point.

We advise you to research as much as you can, so we can help make your dog’s transition as smooth as possible.

A Rough Feeding Guide

So how much do you feed your dog exactly?

A rough feeding guide would be to feed your pup 10% of their body weight, and then decreasing this by 1% until they are 6 months old. After that, decrease their feed by 1% every 3 months, until they are 1 year +, where you’d feed them 2%.

This would look like this:

1 month old – 10%
2 month old – 9%
3 month old – 8%
4 month old – 7%
5 month old – 6%
6 month old – 5%
7 month old – 4%
8 month old – 4%
9 month old – 4%
10 month old – 3%
11 month old – 3%
12 + month old – 2%

Our Approach

Ultimately, only you and your dog know what’s best for them.

Here at The Dog’s Dish, we have tried and tested many brands, and we only stock what we truly believe in.

Whether you’re looking to switch your dog to a raw food diet or you’re wanting to stick to kibble and slowly introduce this with treats, we source the best products from the best brands out there to make ourselves a one stop shop for every dog and every budget.